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Thursday Etsy Love


Those of you who know me well probably heard me rave about my shampoo bars. YES they are amazing, I found this shop when i was looking for travel toiletries last year. and I have been hooked ever since. I am super picky about my shampoo and conditioner, they have to smell good; make my hair shiny but not greasy; color safe; also works for my hubby's curly hair (mine is straight). 

Rhonda's Get Lathered shop is the best i found, and pretty cheap, too (i swear i am not getting a penny for this, Rhonda: maybe a free shampoo bar? jk)

hope you like it, too :)



thursday etsy love


i have always loved etsy, from the day when they were much smaller to today. there is something magical about making things with your hand and creating little pieces of art. every thursday i will showcase things i find awesome/amazing/cool/cute from etsy and share them with you:) 

littlegoodall (how cute is that name) makes the most adorable and imaginative jackets for kids. they are so much fun! the ower is an artist turn designer turn mommy turn designer again:) love this interview she did with etsy. 

have a great Thursday!