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Mural obsession


Ever since we moved into our new place, I have been obsessed with wall murals.
here are some shots of the wall I plan to paint

This is the wall I chose. 

Side angle

This is the wall facing it. 

Now the challenge is to decide what to paint. here are some inspirations:)

from pencil box

Splashes of color would add some fun and personality to the wall, but might be too messy? and not as much of a challenge (still fun!!)

from the right bank

I love this, so pretty and dreamy

from hermit

This is my favorite! love the yellow chair too! although I need to find something that matches my warmer color theme. 

will keep you updated!



DIY gallery wall


Hello! My name is TinyToast, and i am addicted to DIYs :) 

For our new home, I did a lot of DIYs and i would love to share them with you.  
One of my favorite project was our gallery wall, I think they are so much fun! it's a great way to add personality to the room. I combined young house love's and Ciao, Chessa!'s instructions, and added some tips of my own. 

List of things you will need:
old newspaper or magazine
blue painter tape (so it doesn't strip off wall paint)
picture hooks
frames in different sizes
and pictures!

step 1 choose frames: i decided to go for a black and white theme since i had some in both colors already. However, i have seen some beautiful vintage frame arrangments if you have some collected already:) i also bought some new frames in different sizes to add a little more visual interest. My frames are from Crate & Barrel, Target & Ikea. there is no reason to spend a fortune on these. 

step 2 lay out frames: lay out all the frames you want to use, there is no wrong way of doing this, do what you think looks good:) i wanted to create something that's more organic and free. so I placed smaller frames on the sides to make it look like they are floating away from the rest. 

step 3 choose photos:) this was the hardest part for me, it's hard to find the right picture with the right orientaion to go in the right frame that is the right size! oof see? it's a lot of "rights"! i picked out tons of photos before i started arranging the frames on the floor, but realized after that i didn't have enough of vertical shots to go in all the vertical arrangments i had. so i would suggest pick out your frames and arrange them on the floor (see below) before picking the final pictures. 

step 4 cut out paper shapes: this step i learned from young house love, and thought it was genius!! i am not the most patient person, so i did a rough/super fast job of cutting the shapes, and they still worked out great. once you cut out the shapes of your frames, nail them to the wall so you have something like below (sorry, forgot to take a picture while it was only paper:)) 

step 5 time to hang the frames! i started with the large piece on the left and moved to the right, there were little adjustments along the way, but overall i used the cut outs as a guide for my frames. 

step 6 step back and enjoy! my wall is still a work in progress, i have already swapped out a few photos:) but i still love it!!!

Have fun! and stay toasty