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Thursday Etsy Love


Ever since we got our comfy couch back in April. I have been in search of the perfect throw pillows. right now, We are using two outdoor pillows i found for five dollars (i know, it's really time)

here are some of my favorites from Etsy

here is a peak at our couch:)

1.Wave Stripe Linen Pillow Cover 2.3. Sukan Velvet Pillow Cover 4. Bear Cover 5. Heart Cushion 

6. Geometric Pillow



Mural obsession


Ever since we moved into our new place, I have been obsessed with wall murals.
here are some shots of the wall I plan to paint

This is the wall I chose. 

Side angle

This is the wall facing it. 

Now the challenge is to decide what to paint. here are some inspirations:)

from pencil box

Splashes of color would add some fun and personality to the wall, but might be too messy? and not as much of a challenge (still fun!!)

from the right bank

I love this, so pretty and dreamy

from hermit

This is my favorite! love the yellow chair too! although I need to find something that matches my warmer color theme. 

will keep you updated!



Happy Golden Friday!


We have been living in our new place for about four months now, I have already got an itchy to redecorate:) 

I have been seeing these cute little golden decor everywhere! and i am so in love. 

here are some of my picks

hugs and have a sunny beautiful weekend:)


Jonathan Adler's Brass Hippo


High Street Market, Janet the Hippo 

High Street Market, Asian Style Street Horses


Harry Allen Piggy Bank