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Goldieblox is started by a Standford engineer who wanted to create smart toys for girls. It's "a construction toy + book series starring Goldie, the kid inventor who loves to build." It combines story telling, fresh characters and fun games to encourage girls to learn about engieering, and they might even gain some new skills along the way!

pretty amazing!



Thursday Etsy Love


Ever since we got our comfy couch back in April. I have been in search of the perfect throw pillows. right now, We are using two outdoor pillows i found for five dollars (i know, it's really time)

here are some of my favorites from Etsy

here is a peak at our couch:)

1.Wave Stripe Linen Pillow Cover 2.3. Sukan Velvet Pillow Cover 4. Bear Cover 5. Heart Cushion 

6. Geometric Pillow



Favorite iPhone photo apps


Hi there! sorry i have been MIA lately, I have family visiting from out of the country:) so I have been busy showing them around San Francisco. Sometimes i forget how beautiful SF is, kind of fun to be a tourist in my own city and experience those sights again. 

because of the family trip, I have been taking more pictures with my iphone (most accessible!) here I want to share some of my recent favorite photo apps. 

my favorite app of the moment is picfx, it has tons of fliters, textures, light and frames. it gives you a lot of control as far as how much of the fliter to apply, and you can layer fliter on top of each other to create your own effects. my favorite fliter is called space:) check out the before and after.

If picfx has too many options for you, then cross process is the app for you :) a friend from work introduced it to me. it's a fool proof app, because it's so simple, all you have to do is take a picture with it and it automaly turns a ordinary photo to something amazing. check out the before and after.

enjoy!! have fun and take lots of summer photos:)



Recent finds



on our way home from Russian River this past weekend, we stopped by Fairfax which is just north of San Francisco, and stumple upon this cute little shop called Trouvé. It's a artist studio and shop which feature unique artworks/design from different artists, including the store owner: Lela Shield

they have so many pretty things, but i couldn't get myself to stop flipping through their stacks of cards. these cards are made from vintage children books and damaged books from the library. i just love how colorful and whimiscal they are. so I brought some home with me :)



this monday was me and my husband's first year wedding annversary, and we decided before to do the traditional gifts. so this is my paper present to him. this is a scene from alibaba and the forty thieves. weird annersary present? probably, but then again i am a little odd:) 

here is a close up

this is for myself:) I might hang this in our office at home, love love love the elephant! 

a close up

and i found this little card:) it made me smile

Starry nights


i love finding new things/sites/stores/food, anything new! 

a friend recommended 8Tracks, and i am in love. it's a radio site where you can listen to playlists made by other users, the best part is all the fun playlists they have. it's a great way to discover new music. AND it's free! 

here are some playlists i liked
Piano Covers
Freckled faces and sun bleached hair
cover me in acustics

but right now i am obsessed with Starry Nights