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Hello 2014



This post is one day late, but it's OK. better late than never! A few years ago, I decided my New Year resolution lists were too similar each year, and they were never real things that I wanted to achieve. So I started a new List 30 before 30: it's a list of things I want to achieve before i turn 30, and that year is 2014:) so I thought I would share the list with you, to put a little more pressure on myself. 

  1. see New York again: done!

  2. ride a horse on the beach
  3. learn to do a messy side pony tail : done! but also learned it's not a good look for me:)
  4. wear something insanely sparkly: done!
  5. make coconut fudge
  6. bike across golden gate bridge
  7. make a dress
  8. pet a giraffe
  9. take photography lessons
  10. learn to make salad dressing: done! 
  11. have more date nights: on going :)
  12. find my personal style: done!
  13. make people happy: on going:)
  14. choose to be happy: on going:)
  15. take more pictures: yes! 
  16. add more colors to my life: done!
  17. "if not now, then when" do it now: working on it:)
  18. learn to say no: still working on this
  19. make hummus
  20. stop the glorification of busy: ugh so hard!
  21. buy less, choose well: yes!
  22. worry less
  23. be patient
  24. travel more: but can always travel more.
  25. get a puppy: yes!! Marcel:)
  26. visit seattle again, or maybe portland?
  27. cook more: done!
  28. spend more time outdoors. 
  29. say what i think
  30. learn pottery: done! on going

wooof! still long way to go!!! but I have a good feeling about this year!

big hugs