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Gold Studded Trunk DIY


I got this trunk years ago from target on clearance, and i never seem to be able to part with it. I love the round lock shape and the white exterior. Recently i saw this while searching for a dresser, and i love the way it looked, too bad it was way out of my budget.

so I decide to turn my old trunk into something new:) 

Time: 2 hours (most of it spent hot gluing studs)
Budget: 30 dollars
Supplies: Hot glue gun or any metal glue, gold studs (i used 5mm), gold spray paint, craft dot stickers, paper and paint tape.

Step 1: clean the trunk, this will help the glue stick
Step 2: cover up all the area you don't want spray painted. i used brown craft paper, but you can use anything. If you use newspaper, i would recommend doubling it. I also used tape to cover up all the curved areas to make sure no paint would go through (photo below)

photo 3.JPG

Step 3: Spray paint away, make sure to spray from a good 10-15 inches away to make sure it's an even coat.
Step 4: wait for it to dry and peel away all the covering. 
Step 5: I used craft circle stickers to make sure all the gold studs line up the way i want.


Step 6: once you are happy with the placement, you can take out your hot glue gun and glue away!! make sure to peel the stickers one at a time, so you don't forget the placement:)
Step 7: Have fun!!!