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2010 new year resolutions already one day late=)


spent the first day of new year doing nothing=) i am sure there are better ways to spent it, but it was the best way for me. clear my mind and think about the new year.  every year there are so much i want to accomplish but never have the time to do them all.  this year my goal is make realistic resolutions and actually keep track of them.

1. smile every morning(check)

2. go to the gym at least once a week( come on! i am being realistic )

3. help one person(yes, cheesy, but it's on my list every year=))

4. push self to try new things like rock climbing, sing in public, talk to strangers(ahhhhhh)

5. learn to swim(YES i know, it's about time)

6. find a full-time job!

welcome!! 2010..