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last day of 2009


Happy New Year, time for new year resolution. before I start working on mine, I was curious to see what's the most common New Year's resolution. here is the top ten on the list=)

1. Spent more time with friends and family: shocker! Not

2. Fit in fitness: Yes, a staple in mine

3. Tame the Bulge: =) where new year resolution would be without this one

4. Quit Smoking: agree,agree, smoking is bad for you, just this time. Stick to it!

5. Enjoy life more: more books, more laughs, more sex, more beach... more

6. Quit drinking: Done and done

7. Get out of debt: don't start one=)

8. Learn something new: like what?

9. Help others: volunteer?

10. Get organized: oh god, really? this is the top ten?

source: i realize this is from Pittsburgh, but close enough=)

Ok, here is my challenge, don't mention any of these, be more specific. like Help 10 old lady cross the street=)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!