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This is for you


So, here we are, a blog, yes, me, a none writer, writing a blog.

As my close friends and family know, we lost our beloved ned last week. even though he was a pet, to us, he was family, he was my baby. Looking over his pictures today had me thinking how fragile life is, yet so magical. everything that happens in our life has a meaning and purpose, so I decided despite my awful grammar and spelling, I will start writing a blog for myself. I can record all things I love, so I can keep them close to my heart. Maybe writing a blog is not the most personal way to do this, but it's the only way i know how.

Ned, this blog is for you, thank you for bringing us joy, laughter, love, and everything else we never expected. we love you.

[caption id="attachment_5" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="we adopted him then, this is his \"class\" picture=)"][/caption]
summer 2009. contemplating life